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Psychic Ruby Life Coach Welcomes You

As an empathic Cherokee Indian spiritualist and spiritual counselor, Psychic Ruby helps people harmonize people’s mind, body, and spiritual energy. Practicing for over 30 years, she is recognized in the New Jersey area as a gifted practitioner of many psychic abilities including palm reading, tarot reading, pet reading, chakra balancing and more.

Over the years, Psychic Ruby has earned a repute for dispensing astonishingly accurate insight. Armed with a sensitivity to chakras and their effects on the emotional wounds, she is able to help people get perspective and information that could help them take charge of their lives again. Our sessions are always private and confidential. We believe in creating a non-judgemental safe space where we help people with compassion and honesty.

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Our goal is to share invaluable insight that can help you make empowered decisions and redirect your energy more positively towards a prosperous future. Our services include:

Soulmate Psychic Reading

When a relationship, specially that with your soulmate is on the verge of ruins, the stress, anxiety and desolation, naturally, affect the rest of your life. It wreaks havoc on your work, sleep, state of mind, self-esteem to your overall well-being. It becomes especially important in such scenarios to create a harmony between your mind, body and soul, to stop the negativity to grow further and make things worse.

A soulmate psychic reading can help you find the right path, and lead to the answers you seek so that you can start to heal yourself first, in order to make your personal situation better, and even possibly mend your relationship!

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