Psychic RubyI am a gifted Cherokee Indian spiritualist who has been practicing for over 30 years. Born with a visual gift handed down from my great grandmother I have developed the art of meditation, chakra balancing, and spiritual healing since the age of 12. Through my abilities I have learned to channel my guiding spirit through my natural born psychic intuition. In my travels, I have worked with various methods of healing.

I have studied in Tibet, India, and Northern America with priests and priestesses on how to release negative spirits and bring peace to lost souls. This knowledge has shown me how to tap into my deepest spiritual strength, introducing old world methods into today’s modern day of age, I’ve coached people from all walks of life on how to deal with everyday drama.

I have treated people that have dealt with chronic illnesses, gave them the strength to fight. I have reunited lovers and restored relationships. I’ve counseled people to manage their fear, stress, anxiety, and depression. I am a guide for my clients to overcome addictions. I also help them cope with grief as well as encourage them to follow their goals. Another skill I have is to connect with past lives.

I offer one-on-one sessions. Everything is private and confidential. Each session is customized to the individual because no two people are the same.

– Ruby