Psychic RubyRepairing Your Chakra

Release negative energies through chakra balancing from Psychic Ruby. Based in North Jersey, New Jersey, she will use special crystals to get you in a better state. She also offers spiritual cleansing and pet readings along with the other services.

Balance Your Chakra

Everyone has seven chakras in his or her body. These chakras need to be in tune, so you can live a healthier life. These chakras affect the following aspects of your personality:

  • How You Love
  • How You See
  • How You Feel
  • How Intimate You Are
  • How Well You Are (Overall Energy and Health)

How Chakra Balancing Works

Chakra balancing is customized to meet the individual needs of your mind, body, and soul. Psychic Ruby starts by placing special crystals on different parts of your body to match particular chakras. She will then instruct you to meditate, so you can balance your chakras. You will feel revitalized after each session.

Cleanse Your Spirit

Get protection through spiritual cleansing from Psychic Ruby. She uses special crystals and natural incense to cleanse your spirit and even your home. You may also opt to have the cleansing and meditation at our location.

Understand Your Pet Better

Is your pet acting unusually? Find out why with Psychic Ruby’s pet reading services. This type of reading will determine what’s going on inside the mind, body, and soul of your pet. To receive a reading, bring your pet to us or send a photo of your pet. For your convenience, home pet readings are also available.
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